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Have a question?  Need assistance?  This is the right place to reach out for assistance with resources to support you as a recipient of CDVSA funding!  

Newly Added Guide!
Subgrantee Administrative Guidebook

Contact info for Program Coordinators and Data Analyst.

 If you missed out or couldn’t attend our webinar, please click the link below to see the recorded video of our webinar. The link is also available on our website under Grantee Support.
​mp4 icon CDVSA Grantee GrantVantage Webinar-20211117_110305-Meeting Recording.mp4
Webinar Recap:
  • We learned how to enter monthly reimbursements and monthly financial reports in Grant Vantage.
  • Grant Vantage is not meant to duplicate your existing accounting system but rather a tool to improve our grants administration processes.
  • As your Grants Administrator, I will reach out to each of you and offer a subgrantee 1:1 walkthrough of the process beginning in December. Please be on the lookout for MS Teams’ invite and make sure that your agency’s personnel responsible for financial reporting and oversight of your CDVSA awards is present at this meeting. 
CDVSA plans to transition ALL subgrantees to Grant Vantage by February 2022.
Thank you again for your attendance. We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve our grants administration system and processes.

If you are part of a Council-funded program, we understand that you may have a number of questions about the Council's expectations, paperwork, grant reporting requirements and more. Here are links to information we think will be helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.