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Training Schedule

Courses may be adjusted as circumstances dictate.

Canceling Registration:
For BFAST sponsored coureses, contact training specialist(s) noted in announcement.

Late Registration:
For BFAST sponsored courses, contact training specialist(s) noted in announcement to ask if late registrations are     
     being accepted.

November 2021
1-2 NFA F-0646 - Leadership in Supervision:
     Creating Environments for Professional Growth
Kenai Canceled
3-4 NFA F-0647 - Leadership in Supervision:
     Perspectives in Thinking
Kenai Canceled
December 2021
January 2022
31-2/1 NFA O-0770 - Fire Investigation: First Responders Anchorage Register
February 2022
2-3 NFA O-0633 - Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist  Anchorage Register