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Firework Permits

Life Safety Inspection Bureau administers the following firework programs:

Firework Display Permit

This authorizes the use of Class 1.3G and 1.4G fireworks in excess of 250 pounds in the State of Alaska.

Display Firework Permit authorizes the use of Class 1.3G and 1.4G fireworks in excess of 250 pounds in the State of Alaska.

To qualify for this permit, an individual must do the following:

  • hold a valid Alaska pyrotechnic permit with our office and
  • submit a policy or certified true copy of a policy of public liability insurance and products liability insurance coverage, including both accident and occurrence in the amount of at least $1,000,000 for bodily injury and death and at least $500,000 for property damage, provided by the applicant or his employer and
  • submit a letter from the fire department in the proposed display area, stating that they are aware of display and
  • submit a map of fall-out area of proposed display including; shell size used, shoot area, spectator area, shell fall-out area, all buildings and roads within the fall-out area in accordance to IFC Chapter 33 and
  • submit a plan establishing procedures to follow and actions to be taken in the event that a shell fails to ignite in, or discharge from, a mortar or fails to function over the fallout area or other malfunctions and
  • make verified application for a permit to the state fire marshal on forms provided by the state fire marshal.

 Pyrotechnic Operators Permit

Pyrotechnic Operators Permit authorizes setting up and discharging 1.3G and qualifying 1.4G special fireworks at public displays for which a display permit has been issued.

To qualify for this permit, an individual must do the following:

  • Submit verifiable documentation of at least six (6) public displays in Alaska which you participated as an assistant (this display must have been permitted through the Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety office) or
  • Submit a copy of your out-of-state pyrotechnic license and
  • Successfully pass the written examination administered by the Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety office.

For renewal of the Alaska Pyrotechnic Operator's Permit, an individual must:

  • Successfully pass the written examination administered by Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire and Life Safety office.

Pyrotechnic Operators Permit Examination

A score of 90% is required to pass and the closed book test must be completed in one hour.

This test must be proctored in one of the Division of Fire and Life Safety office's. Locations are in Anchorage and Juneau. To make an appointment to take the test, please contact Marie Collins (contact information is at the bottom of this page).

In the event the prospective pyrotechnic operator fails the test, it may be retaken after a twenty-four hour waiting period has elapsed IF the individual proctoring the test has that time slot available.

Should the test be failed a second time, a fifteen-day waiting period is required prior to re-examining.

Test Reference Materials: 2006 IFC Chapter 33, 13 AAC 51.025 (94) (105) , AS 18.72, 2006 NFPA 1123, 1124, and 1126.

The permit is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Alaska Pyrotechnic Operators

Alaska Pyrotechnic Operators Updated October 29, 2019
Permit Number Full Name Issue Date Expiration Date
FWP18-004 Bennett, Devren 5/9/2017 5/9/2020
FWP18-002 Berg, David 5/9/2017 5/9/2020
FWP18-005 Bird, Daniel 5/10/2017 5/10/2020
FWP18-009 Bowen, Michael 11/28/2017 11/28/2020
FWP19-001 Brown, Matt 11/14/2018 11/14/2021
FWP18-010 Clark, Kylie 12/20/2017 12/20/2020
FWP19-004 Cook, Lorne 5/22/2019 5/22/2022
FWP18-016 Dahlberg, Sigrid 6/19/2018 6/19/2021
FWP18-012 Denherder, Jacob 4/30/2018 4/30/2021
FWP18-011 Dietz-Clark, Vivian 12/20/2017 12/20/2020
FWP18-013 Johnson, Lynn 5/15/2018 5/15/2021
FWP18-003 Laurent, Thomas 5/9/2017 5/9/2020
FWP18-007 Mattingly, Jacqueline 5/22/2017 5/22/2020
FWP18-006 Mattingly, J. Larry 5/22/2017 5/22/2020
FWP19-005 O'Connell, Kevin 6/4/2019 6/4/2022
FWP18-001 Schwarzenberger, Daniel 4/3/2017 4/3/2020
FWP18-015 Schwarzenberger, Heather 6/5/2018 6/5/2021
FWP19-003 Schwendeman, David 5/20/2019 5/20/2022
FWP18-014 Schmidt, Anthony 5/30/2018 5/30/2021
FWP18-008 Sprehe, Dorianne 6/19/2017 6/19/2020
FWP19-002 Tarr, Richard 2/20/2019 2/20/2022

Retail Firework Permit

Retail Firework Permits authorizes the sale of Class 1.4G fireworks.

To qualify for this permit, an individual must do the following:

  • submit a policy, or a certified true copy of a policy, of public liability and products liability insurance, including both accident and occurrence coverage, provided by the wholesale company selling fireworks to the person, in the amount of at least $200,000 for bodily injury or death and at least $50,000 property damage and the person is named as an insured party upon the policy and the policy is continuously in force while the person is engaged in the retail sale of fireworks and
  • pay the endorsement fee of $10 that is valid for two years or portions of two years during which the permit holder is engaged in the retail sale of fireworks and
  • submit a map of stand location; including construction and distance to any storage magazines or nearby buildings. The stand must be 250 feet from residential or public assembly buildings, and 150 feet from the centerline of ANY state highway. At least two exits must be provided, indicated on a drawing of the proposed stand. and
  • prominently display a placard on the retail stand setting out the language of AS 41.15.070, 41.15.140, and 41.15.160 and
  • conspicuously display the retail permit at the sales location and
  • abide by all applicable laws regarding the sale of Class 1.4G fireworks.

Salable fireworks, Class 1.4G (Class C common fireworks) must be stored as follows:

  • storage at retail sites must be in a type 4 or higher rated magazine;
  • except as provided in paragraph 3 of Subsection 3308.11.12, storage must be a minimum of 40 feet from property lines or any inhabited building. The dedicated structure or stand used for selling fireworks is excluded;
  • storage must be a minimum of 250 feet from a place of residence or public assembly building;
  • storage may not be located on a highway or utility right of way;
  • storage at any site except approved retail locations must be in accordance with the requirements for low explosives in Subsection 3304.3.2.


For storage of more than 5000 lbs. of explosive material, the minimum distance requirements from buildings and highways may be increased. Reference the International Fire Code Chapter 33 Section 3304.5.2 or contact the State Fire Marshals office. 
Alaska State Permitted Firework Retail Stands (Updated 6/26/19)
Name of Company Address City Expiration Date
Amy's Fireworks, LLC Mile 52.5 Parks Hwy Houston 02/15/20
Aurora Fireworks 189 Glenn Highway Glennallen 12/31/19
Blaze of Glory Port Fill Wrangell 11/01/19
Tush's Fireworks Boot Lake, Dump Road, Rock Pit 1 Kake 03/01/20
The Surf Mile 5 Kootznahoo Road Angoon 11/01/19
Smokin' Aces Fireworks Mile 5.2 Copper River Hwy Cordova 12/31/19
U-Pop-Em Fireworks 643 Central Ave. Dillingham 12/31/19
Wildfire Pyrotechnics Mile 27 Haines Hwy Haines 12/31/19
Northern Explosure, LLC Mile 29.5 Klawock-Hollis Hwy Hollis 03/26/20
Tina's Lodging Lot 3 Rock Quarry Subdivision Hoonah 12/31/19
Thompson Pass Fireworks 144 East Egan Drive Valdez 12/31/19
Gorilla Fireworks Mile 52.7 Parks Hwy Houston 02/15/20
Gorilla Fireworks, LLC Mile 52.4 Parks Hwy Houston 02/15/20
TNT Fireworks of Alaska, LLC Mile 52.6 Parks Hwy Houston 02/15/20
Boom City Fireworks Mile 6.5 Craig-Klawock Hwy Klawock 12/31/19
Les N' Dans Fireworks 4673 Rezanof Drive East Kodiak 12/01/19
Leo's Firework Stand Mile 0.5 E of the City (Council Hwy) Nome 12/31/19
Budget Fireworks 2310 Peridot Street North Pole 12/31/19
Gorilla Fireworks Mile 13 Richardson Highway North Pole 02/15/20
Patriot Fireworks, LLC NE Corner of Richardson Hwy & Peridot St. North Pole 05/07/20
Santa's Fireworks, LLC 2710 Hurst Road North Pole 12/31/19
Curtiss Fireworks Mile 0.5 Off Mitkoff Hwy, Up Falls Creek/Three Lakes Loop Rd Petersburg 12/31/19

Selling Fireworks at Wholesale

The Wholesale License allows the individual to sell fireworks at wholesale in the State of Alaska.

To qualify for this license, an individual must do the following:

  • make verified application for a license to the state fire marshal on forms provided by the state fire marshal and
  • the applicant must supply the applicant's social security number if the applicant is a natural person and
  • the application shall be accompanied by an annual license fee of $50 (checks shall be made out to the "State of Alaska").

The license is valid until December 31 of the year during which it is issued and is renewable.

Permitted Firework Wholesalers
Name of Company State
American Promotional Events Washington
B.J. Alan Company Ohio
Entertainment Fireworks, Inc. Washington
Fire Art Pyrotechnics Alaska
Fireworks Over America Missouri
Flying Phoenix Interstate Display Fireworks Corp. Wyoming
Jake's Fireworks Kansas
Lantis Productions Utah
Reichenbach Fireworks Montana
Thunder Fireworks, Inc. Washington
Victory Fireworks, Inc. Wisconsin
Wolverine West, LLC Washington

You can download the applications below:

Firework Display Permit Application
Pyrotechnic Operator Permit Application
Firework Retail Application
Wholesalers Application

For further information please contact:

Amy Noket
5700 E. Tudor Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone: (907) 269-5637
Fax: (907) 269-5018