Life Safety Inspection Bureau

The Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program:

The Division of Fire and Life Safety has statewide jurisdiction for fire code enforcement and plan review authority except in the following communities which have received deferrals:

Building fire and life safety inspections are one of the programs used by the Division to further fire and life safety. Our inspection program priorities include the following occupancies:

  • A - Assembly type facilities, restaurants, bars, and churches.
  • E - Educational type facilities such as schools and daycare facilities.
  • I - Institutional type facilities such as prisons, jails, hospitals, and nursing homes.
  • R - Residential (R-4 and R-1) type facilities such as assisted living, apartments and hotels over 15 rooms.
  • High impact facilities, including major fish processing plants.

The Fire Investigation Criteria:

Fires that will normally be investigated by the Division of Fire and Life Safety include the following:

  • Fires that result in a fatality or serious injuries
  • Fires that involve a substantial loss of property ($500,000 or more)
  • Fires which appear to be intentionally caused as part of an insurance fraud or other criminal activity
  • Fires which will have a significant public impact
  • Fires which indicate trends or a serious consumer safety problem
  • Any fire that involves Department of Public Safety facilities or equipment
  • Alaska Administrative Code 13AAC52.030 (b) (4): Requires all registered fire departments within the state to investigate all fires within their service area for origin and cause and report this information to the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Fire Investigation Procedures:

The Life Safety Inspection Bureau Deputy on standby will be notified anytime a fire meeting the description listed above is reported to the Department of Public Safety and/or on-duty personnel from the Division of Alaska State Troopers (AST Dispatch number is 907-428-7200) have confirmed the need for investigation by the Division of Fire and Life Safety.