Burn Injury Reports

Health care professionals who initially treat or attend to a person with the following injuries shall make certain a report of the injury is made promptly to the Division of Fire and Life Safety.

  • second or third degree burns to five percent or more of a patient's body
  • a burn to a patient's upper respiratory tract or laryngeal edema due to the inhalation of super-heated air

This report shall be submitted within three working days after the person is treated.

Health care professionals include emergency medical technicians certified under AS 18.08, health aide, physician, nurse, mobile intensive care paramedic, and physician assistant, but does not include a practitioner of religious healing.

A person who, in good faith, makes a report under this section, or who participates in judicial proceedings related to a report under this section, is immune from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be incurred as a result of making such a report or participating in the judicial proceedings.

Burn Reports and HIPPAA

Burn Reports to the Division of Fire and Life Safety are allowed by current HIPAA laws.

Per CFR 45 164.512(f)(1)(i) medical service providers are allowed to release patient information when that information is required by law. Alaska Statute 08.64.369 is that law. All providers of health care in Alaska are required by law to provide the information to our office.

Under the ANFIRS requirements if the injury is the result of fire the fire must be reported to the State Fire Marshal.

This information is used to identify causes of burn injuries in order to develop prevention programs. This information can also be used as part of a criminal investigation to identify person involved in arson.

Burn Injury Reports:

  • Burn Injury Report (Fill-In Form Word Document)
  • For further information please contact:

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