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Kids Don't Float

by Vickie Miller 13. March 2015 15:25

I can't tell who's having more fun, the kids during a Kids Don't Float class or the Alaska Wildlife Troopers and U. S. Coast guardsmen in Ketchikan, Alaska last week.  The class took place on Wednesday, March 4th, with 20 students, ages 5 - 8, from the Clover Pass Christian School.  Bill Cline from the US Coast Guard, Sgt. Greg Garcia and Trp. Jeremy Baum of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, taught the students the importance of wearing a vest when recreating around Alaska waterways.  They spent two hours in the classroom; teaching them how to properly wear a life vest, and how to use it if they were to fall in the water.  After teaching them these basic skills, they took them to the Ketchikan Gateway swimming pool where they used what they learned in the swimming pool.  Baum stated, "It was great to see the kids' excitement about wearing their life vest when we went to the swimming pool"! 



For more information on the Kids Don’t Float program, go to


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