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Fort Nightly

by Audrey Ayay-DeHart 3. May 2017 11:22



Back in 2014, The Alaska Wildlife Troopers began participating in Skyview Middle School's Fort Nightly activities (an after school event full of games and fun for the local middle school).  Initially, Troopers Jaime and McConnell attended as parent volunteers. Then the duo saw an opportunity to have a positive impact with the students by attending in uniform, the thought being that many kids that have had interaction with law enforcement did so on a negative level.  The principal was approached with the idea and now Wildlife Troopers are common at many of the events. 

 It first started with Troopers playing dodge ball with the kids; the first night most kids avoided the Troopers.  Then it was all the kids against the Troopers and then those who wanted to, played on the "Trooper Team".  In the dodge ball game when a player is hit by a ball, they must do 5 pushups to get back in the game.  Most of the kids as well as some of the school faculty members were surprised to see Troopers knocking out their share of pushups! Needless to say, by the end of the night, there was not a dry trooper uniform in the building.

 The participation in the Fort Nightly events continue to evolve.  For the past year, the Wildlife Troopers have been showing up with competitive games for the kids to play.  Care was taken to design games where athleticism and intellect would not necessarily give one kid an advantage over another. There have been games such as: who could throw a balsa wood airplane the farthest.  There was the paper airplane game where you throw the airplane through two counter-rotating hula-hoops (many of the kids were taught how to make a paper airplane) and the last was who could shoot the most marshmallows into a bucket using a type of sling shot made from a Dixie cup and a cut balloon. The troopers pooled together and purchased gift cards which were awarded to the winners. 

 Now it is getting difficult to determine who is having the most fun, kids or troopers!



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